A Rhyme & Reason For ALL!

What many of us don’t realize is that everything yes everything, happens for a reason.

Accidents, locking ourselves out of the house and even parking fines aren’t a result of someone being out to get us, even though it can feel like that. All these occurrences tell us that we are somehow off track - it’s the universe’s way of nudging us into action.

Sounds radical I know but hang in there with me - hopefully you’ll start to see the sense in what I’m saying.

So many events take place in our lives and for all of them there is an explanation. Each explanation depends very much on our own personal situation and what’s going on in our lives. A good habit to get into is to ask yourself –

“What does this mean?”

“What is this trying to tell me?"

“What do I need to learn from this?”

As mentioned earlier these little ‘mishaps’ are brought on by the universe in an attempt to wake us up to something. It is my belief that before we’re born we decide on our Life purpose. In human form however most of us forget this from time to time and our Soul will call in the guidance to wake us up – in the way of parking fines, accidents and even retrenchments just to name a few.

The universe is constantly guiding us on the path to spiritual wholeness but we tend not to listen. Sickness is a classic sign of holding on to something - our body’s way of saying ‘let go!’. Take ‘unforgiveness’ for example. We hold on tight to a hurt or betrayal and it soon manifests as illness. Outside of us however, the signs can show up in the form of mishaps or disasters. They can start off gently but if we ignore them they get stronger. They keep coming till we finally take note and learn from the lesson. I liken the gentle promptings to being tickled by a feather. If time and time again we ignore those ‘strokes’ denying that something is amiss, then life will serve us a heavy blow. My advice is to take the messages on as soon as they come - it makes for a more smooth and enjoyable journey through life.

The following are examples of some of the more general events that can take place in life as a way of waking us up, as well as the possible reasons behind them –

1. Retrenchment: A common occurrence in working life and the reason behind it happening is usually because we’re ‘stuck’. It’s life’s way of moving us out of what no longer serves us…to get us out of our comfort zone and into new growth. In these times it’s a good idea to look at your life and ask yourself ‘What is it that I truly want to do?’

2. Parking fines: Similar to retrenchment, it can often mean ‘stuckness’, sitting too long in a situation or relationship. Asking yourself, ‘What is it that I need to know?’ ‘Where am I stuck in life?’ Being ready for the truth, will give you the answer. Be patient and it will become clear.

3. Speeding fines: This means ‘Slow down!’. Where in your life are you rushing things? Are you giving yourself the attention and the nurturing you deserve? To ‘flow’ is the way to go.

Do you ever have days where everyone you meet is either angry or rude? It makes you wonder what side of the bed they woke up on, and you begin to wish that you’d stayed in bed!!

NEWSFLASH! It can often be that they are mirroring some part of us that is sitting in anger or frustration. As humans we are very good at suppressing our feelings, especially those of a negative nature and often others will show us where we’re at through their behaviour. Next time you encounter a less than friendly waiter with your morning coffee ask yourself ‘How am I feeling?’ ‘Am I annoyed or angry about anything?’ Be honest with yourself and acknowledge your feelings. This in itself can shift things both within you and around you. If at the other end of the enquiry you find you’re truly feeling great and happy with the way things are in your life, then perhaps another’s behaviour is just showing you that they themselves need a smile – a pep up because of the way things are going on in their life. A ‘good morning’ wish, a smile and some ‘love & light’ thrown in can go a long way!

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